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The power of words and how a great domain can be a game changer for your business

Recent reported domain sales: sold for $3.1 million (2014) ("games" in Chinese)  $2.4 million (2014) $2 million (2014) $950,000 (2014) $850,000  (2014)  sold for $4.7 million (9/11/2013). sold for $2.4 million (November 7, 2013). $2.1 million  (7/10/2013). $2.45 million (12/4/2012). $1 million (2/29/2012). $1.35 million (10/16/2013).

Lessons Learned from Brian Sharples, founder & CEO of HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY). Retrieved 7 August 2013. "I mean we bought a website in the United States called for 35 million bucks. The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn't have that URL."

Case study: IPO Values Company at $2.2 Billion  “Their first big expense was $1.3 million, plus some of the equity in the company, to buy the domain name.”
WSJ, 3/8/2014

From Beep to CarLoans: How a domain name change resulted in a $40 million turnover boost


You Think a Good Domain Name Is Expensive? How About a Mobile Phone Number That Sold for $2.12 Million This Month!

Some mobile phone numbers also sell at stratospheric levels, just like the best domain names?

A perfect example of that came last week when the United Arab Emirates mobile phone number 050-777-7777 was sold in an auction for a mind-bending Dhs 7.82 million which comes out to $2,120,000 at today's exchange rate. Source